Sam Schick portrait

I am a designer, creative director and maker of useful, characteristic & beautiful . Currently I'm the design director of Neversink where I'm working to make of so many things more resonant, worthwhile experiences.

A Few Things I've Made

The Pantry, Seattle

The Pantry

Website, Identity

Hayden Flour Mills




Website Redesign

Rachel's Ginger Beer

Rachel's Ginger Beer

Packaging, Identity

The Sexton, Seattle

The Sexton

Postcards, Print Identity

Annie and Amber Moopes

Annie & Amber

Laser-Cut Wedding Invitations!

Raymond Carver-Where I'm Calling From

Raymond Carver

Outerwear for Books

Book Larder

Book Larder

Print Collateral

Molly Wizenberg Business Cards

Molly Wizenberg

Letterpressed Business Cards

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For the last oh-so-many years, I've helmed the Good Ship Neversink, the spirited full-service design & strategy studio I founded to help good people bring more interesting brands and organizations to market. Over ten years, I've directed and designed more than 70 websites and e-commerce properties, helped bring more than 35 brands to market with everything from packaging campaigns to positioning plans, and have seen our work featured in several hundred magazines, websites, and the odd sitcom.

In general, I've focused on practicing true user experience design: resonant, stickier experiences that at least strive to earn their space in the commons by respecting the intimacy and rewards of engagement.

Currently, I'm joining my passions for design and social impact as a board member of AIGA Seattle, where I chair Design for Democracy, and am leading the development of both an interactive Voter’s Guide and extensible toolkit; am planning the city’s first Civic Service Summit; and advising advocacy and community groups across the country on voter education, registration and engagement ahead of the 2018 Midterms. I regularly speak on brand design and positioning; civic service design & technology; and small business development.

Formerly, you could have found me working for US Naval Intelligence in cryptography; running the single best bookstore either of us have ever heard of; happily at sea for many months as an oceanographer for NASA; or helping found, with my brilliant wife, the beloved Marge Granola, which for six years I design directed and helped bring to rapturous press and national market.

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  1. Thanks, Mindy Project!
  2. As per Conrad (in the preface to a work of his that shall not be named): "A work that aspires, however humbly, to the condition of art should carry its justification in every line. And art itself may be defined as a single-minded attempt to render the highest kind of justice to the visible universe, by bringing to light the truth, manifold and one, underlying its every aspect."
  3. Interested in helping? Email me at AIGA Seattle and ... we should talk.
  4. Cryptology and signals intelligence, in particular: Collecting, analyzing, exploiting, and disseminating Electronic Intelligence.
  5. Particularly, tracing global biogeochemical cycles and meridional overturning circulation with a focus on chromophoric dissolved organic matter (CDOM). Generally, working toward the calibration of geostationary and polar-orbiting satellites measuring chlorophyll levels in the Pacific Ocean, while otherwise chasing (and securing!) my long-sought certification as an Honorable Shellback.
  6. A Sweet Spoonful isn't even the start of her immeasurable talents as a photographer and recipe developer, nor was Whole Grain Mornings the last of the books she has in her. Seriously. She's amazing.
  7. ...and which we sold, in 2017. Long live Marge!
  8. The portrait at top was made by the great Tom DesLongchamp.